He is also a prolific writer and has written many books. He is the General Overseer of Light Of The World Ministry and also the General Overseer and Co-ordinator for International Christian Ministers in Nigeria. He hopes that many will be inspired by the books that he has written which would help the readers to strengthen their faith in Christ and in their daily walk with God.

Evangelist Innocent Mokwe was brought up in a Christian family.  At the  age of 12, he saw a vision of heaven. Heaven was exactly what the bible described, a place of paradise. He saw angels and the streets were paved in gold and the buildings were also made of gold. Everything was shining with glitters. It was breathtaking. It was during his college years that he began to mixed with the wrong people and became influenced by his college friends. He started to smoke and drink and he would follow his college friends everywhere; even to pubs. He became weak in his faith and life became meaningless to him. After graduating from college, he went abroad to venture a new life. He continued to live an aimless life of smoking and drinking. Then in 1994, he was suddenly rushed to hospital. All that cigarettes and alcohol and his reckless lifestyle has affected his health very badly. The doctors gave him several injections and caused him to sleep.

It was at the hospital while he was sleeping, he saw himself sitting on a chair and there were two angels holding him back from entering a tall iron gate. He saw another angel asking for his name and when he told the angel his name, the angel started to pray for him. He woke up after that and began to recover. God has saved him from death that day. His life began to change for the better and he became a new person. Life became meaningful to him and with God's help he was able to drop all his bad habits. He no longer has any desire for the pleasures of this world. He began to have a personal relationship with God every day. The LORD told him to return to his country for a revival and so he went back to Nigeria and joined a ministry there and became an evangelist. Then he attended Pilgrim Bible College. He began to preach the gospel in his country. The LORD then told him to go and spread the gospel to other countries and led him to countries like Republic of Benin, Libya, Egypt, India, China, Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Philippines and many other countries.
Evangelist Innocent Mokwe is one of the Nigerian Men of God whom God is using mightily to spread His word in the world today. He is an international preacher who has travelled to many countries to preach the word of God and God has used him to heal many people during his evangelism and also used him to expose the work of the devil in the world and in the kingdom of darkness. He is a prophet with powerful anointing of the Holy Spirit. His anointed messages have brought hope to many men and women of all ages.
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