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Discover Where God Has Instored Your Blessings
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Many are not willing to make use of their God given gifts but they want God to expose them in the ministry. How can God expose you when you are not making use of your God given gift? Do you know that your gift is also your ministry?  There are two types of ministries. Universal Ministry is part-time and Ecclesiastical Ministry is full-time. Many are willing to please men instead of pleasing God. But the bible says that when a man's ways please the Lord, He makes even his enemies to be at peace with him. Are you pleasing men or God?  It is vitally important to recognize our mentors because they pour out their lives for us. Do you know that teachers only teach for money but mentors will teach for life? Mentors are willing to teach even in the most difficult times and situation. Every mentor wants their mentees to be a good steward. Mentors are willing to die for his mentees.  Do you know many would say that it does not matter whether they have a mentor or not but as for me it does matter.