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The Garment
- 104 Pages
The garment of Jesus is the way of life. It is the living proof of God's word that can never change. It is the miraculous wonders of God's power. It is the authority of God's wonders. It is the directions of God's divine purpose in our lives. It is the narrow gate which leads to heaven. It is to overcome every plan of the enemy in our lives. It gives us Healing. It transforms our life. It is the evidence of good living. It is the divine manifestation of God's transformation in our lives. It is the living proof of God's power which will take us to the next level. It will increase of greatness. It will turn things around in our life. It will turn our problem to promotion. The garment of Jesus will turn our frustration to fulfilment. It will turn our sorrow to joy. It will turn our disgrace to grace. It will give us the power to possess our possession in God. It will liberate our lives.