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What is Miracle? It is the wonders of Godís witnesses in our lives. It is the living proof of Godís power that can never change. There is Miracle in every area of our lives; in business, health, marriage life, wealth, in ministry, gifts and message. When the blind, the dumb, the deaf, the cripple and the sick receive their healing, it is a miracle. Godís miracles are Godís actions and manifestation. It is Godís wonders and deeds. It is Godís performances and directions. It is Godís amazing power. Miracle is the resurrection power of Jesus which bears witness that He is indeed the Son of God. Lazarus came forth, he that died for four days came back to life again. This is also a wonderful miracle. When Godís miracle is manifested many will come to know Him. So, the mentality of performing His miracles will cause many lives to be restored. It might not be convenient where you are but obedient to His leading will make His miracles to manifest.